Galateo & Modo di Dire (figures of speech)
Galateo is a famous Italian author, whose claim to fame is that he was the recognized authority on Italian etiquette. Here are a few of the things Galateo wrote about, and we've learned them second hand from our good friend, Tiziano:

"Salute!" is not the correct salutation after a person sneezes. Galateo writes that a sneeze sends bad spirits out of the body. It is better to say, "Bravo!" and wipe the air away with one's hand in a broad brush.

Starnutare is the verb "to sneeze".

"Buon appetito" is not correct to say before a meal.

"Buon cena" is also incorrect. Italians laugh when we wish them that. I think the correct phrase is "Buona cena." It does not sound pretty, so is not used. Go figure. Dino thinks that if something does not sound lyrical in Italian, it is not correct.

Colazione is a meal at noon. Prima colazione is breakfast. But what you eat at night is pranzo, not cena.

Have some fun with words, stories, adventures and lessons on Italian life. . .

MODO di DIRE and more new words
"Colazzione di affari" is a business meal at pranzo. "Pranzo di affari" is a business meal at night.

Cenacolo is the place where the priest gives communion.

Il Cenacolo is the Last Supper. Why the Italian American group in San Francisco call their organization this, is beyond me.

A comedia is a film or play that ends well. It does not have to be boffo or funny.

A tragedy is a dramatic film.

Fare le festa = to express joy

Fare una festa = to make a party (for a dog "fare una festa" is when its owners return and greet them, jumping around in an expression of joy.)

Fare la festa = to hit another person

Ti faccio la festa= I hit you

Gonfio di botte = to strike a blow at you (same as fare la festa)

Humorismo inglese = dry humor

che significa = what is the significance, what does it mean?

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